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The Top 10+ Questions to Ask When Commissioning a Sculpture

The top 10 questions to ask before you spend tens of thousands of dollars on a custom bronze sculpture (and one bonus question!).

Now is not the time to say “I don’t know much about art”. YES YOU DO!!!

If you’re like most of our clients, this is the first, and possibly last, time you will need to commission a one-of-a-kind custom bronze statue. You might say something like “I don’t know much about art”. The truth is that you know almost everything that you need to know to choose the highest quality sculptor your budget will allow. Read more

Custom Bronze Sculpture 101

Just like any trade or profession, the world of bronze figurative sculpture is full of terms and concepts that are new to most of our clients.  Below are a few words, phrases and concepts that will help to get you up to speed so that you can speak the language. Read more

A quick and easy guide to caring for outdoor bronze sculptures

It’s rough out there.  One of the biggest issues when placing anything outside for a long period of time is how it will respond to the elements. This is, of course, doubly important when the thing you are putting outside is a valuable, one-of-a-kind work of art.  If you walk around any large city in the United States for long enough you will come across a piece of public art that looks a bit worse for the wear. The unfortunate reality is, like many things in life, regular maintenance is cheap and easy, but if you neglect it, the resulting damage is expensive and difficult to repair.  The following is an easy to follow program for that applies specifically to outdoor bronze statues created by E. S. Schubert Sculpture Studios.  The information and steps included should also apply to most other bronze statues, however…

(and I have bolded this for a reason!) the application of paste waxes WILL change the character of the patina.  If you are at all uncertain about what you are dealing with, first try to reach out to the sculptor who created your sculpture. If you can’t get ahold of your sculpture’s creator, send us an email and we will help you out.   Read more

William Inge Bronze Commission

In January of 2013 we were commissioned to create two larger than life bronze statues for The William Inge Memorial, at Riverside Park in Independence, Kansas. The two figures are Turk and Marie, characters from the William Inge play “Come Back, Little Sheba”.

Read more

Mel Hancock Portrait, Hall of Famous Missourians

It was an honor to participate in the creation of Mel Hancock’s portrait for the Hall of Famous Missourians in The Missouri State Capitol. Now that the unveiling has happened, We want to share this time lapse video with you.

Take a look at 3 weeks of work compressed into a little over 3 minutes. As soon as we have them processed, you will be able to see photos of the unveiling and the final bronze portrait here.

Jacob Loose Bronze, Sculpted by Rudolf Evans

Jacob Loose Bronze, Loose Park, Kansas City, Missouri

Jacob Loose Bronze By R. Evans #5There’s nothing like a chilly, post rain spring day!  So, in honor of that occasion we had a picnic in the park. Loose park to be precise. I thought I would post photos of this sculpture of Jacob Loose, by Rudolf Evans, as a way to talk about a sculpture that was done “right”. Rudolf Evans designed the Thomas Jefferson sculpture in the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C., as well as the Robert E. Lee statue in the Virginia State Capitol and the William Jennings Bryant in Statuary Hall in the Nations Capitol. Read more

Tutorial #2, Proportional Enlarging Calipers

Fun with Proportional Enlarging Calipers!

Imagine all of the HUGE sculptures you could make if you only had a set of Proportional Calipers…wait for it…We’re gonna show you how!!!

Update: By popular demand, we edited the video, and now we offer calipers for sale on! So make them if you can, buy them HERE at a discount if you can’t.

To access the show notes, please view the full post …

Drill Press Speeds

ESSchubert Drill Press Header

Revolutions Per Minute, Anyone?

After the post the other day about drilling holes in stone bases I realized that it might be good to go a bit further than “slow” with regard to what RPM your drill should be running if drilling through stone. So…To clarify that, the MAXIMUM speed you want to be running when drilling a 3/8 inch diameter hole is 350 RPM, and for 1/2 inch Diameter is 200 RPM. Slower is almost never a bad thing. Read more

VFW Memorial by Jim Brothers

JimBrothersVFWMemorial#5I just thought I would share a few photos I took last week. This is the Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial in midtown Kansas City. It was created by Jim Brothers in the early 2000’s.

Jim and I were recently two of four sculptors who worked on the William Inge Memorial in Independence, Kansas, each completing a separate scene from Inge’s plays.

Jim had been struggling with prostate cancer for a decade or so, and soon after he finished the rough stages of his full size sculpture of William Motter Inge, he died. He had planned for that outcome, and so his student Lori Norwood finished the clay work. She did an excellent job, both capturing the essence of Jim’s style, and making choices about the sculpture that had not yet been decided. Read more

Tutorial #5, Drilling Stone Bases

Tutorial #5, Easily Drilling Holes in Stone Bases!

Almost every sculpture we make is mounted to some type of base. Sometimes wood or steel, but usually granite or marble. You could send a template to the stone base company, and pay them to drill the holes, but in our experience, it is easier to drill them yourself, and be sure they are in the right spot. Check out the video to see just how easy it is. All of the materials and resources will be in the show notes below. Now Drill Baby, Drill!

To access the show notes, please view the full post …

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