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Quick Tip #1 Sculpting Clay Storage

Today on The Sculptor’s Apprentice, a quick tip about sculpting clay storage.

We use Chavant Brand clay, and the type that we use is NSP Firm in the color of green. NSP stands for Non-Sulfurated Plasticine, and that is important because the sulfur in some oil based clays can inhibit the cure of our silicone mold making material.

One of the great things about oil based sculpting clay is that it doesn’t dry out. But … that is only mostly true. It will dry out, but the timeline is much longer than water based clay. What that means for us is that we can leave our clay sculpture uncovered when we are working on it, and even well after we are finished. But at some point, usually when the foundry has a finished bronze casting, we need to cut the clay sculpture up and put it in an air tight container. Check out the video below to get the details.

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Tutorial #1: Sculpture Boards

Welcome to the first session of the Sculptor’s Apprentice! Today’s post is about sculpture boards and bases. Whatever you call them, these are the things that you sculpt your clay on. There are lots of different ways to approach this, and this video shows you how we handle it in our studio. We would love to hear what you do, so post in the comments to share your tips with the community, and if you use our tutorial to get started, post a photo in the comments so we can be proud of you!

Below you will find the show notes with all the products that we talk about in the video.

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Featured Project: Bill Snyder

The Bill Snyder Statue project came together over the first half of 2013. For five weeks between May 1st and June 5th, we had one goal – to complete and mold a nearly eight foot tall clay sculpture of Kansas State Football Coach, Bill Snyder. After a frenzy of clay, photos, scaffolding, and ladders we delivered the mold to the foundry in early June, where we oversaw the waxwork, casting, chasing and patination of the final bronze. After two and a half short months, our installation crew picked up the statue and headed west on I-70 to Manhattan, KS to install Coach in his new home, Bill Snyder Family Stadium. We are so thankful to the entire K-State Family for choosing us to create a monument of their beloved Coach Snyder. Read more

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