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Mel Hancock Portrait, Hall of Famous Missourians

It was an honor to participate in the creation of Mel Hancock’s portrait for the Hall of Famous Missourians in The Missouri State Capitol. Now that the unveiling has happened, We want to share this time lapse video with you.

Take a look at 3 weeks of work compressed into a little over 3 minutes. As soon as we have them processed, you will be able to see photos of the unveiling and the final bronze portrait here.

Featured Project: Bill Snyder

The Bill Snyder Statue project came together over the first half of 2013. For five weeks between May 1st and June 5th, we had one goal – to complete and mold a nearly eight foot tall clay sculpture of Kansas State Football Coach, Bill Snyder. After a frenzy of clay, photos, scaffolding, and ladders we delivered the mold to the foundry in early June, where we oversaw the waxwork, casting, chasing and patination of the final bronze. After two and a half short months, our installation crew picked up the statue and headed west on I-70 to Manhattan, KS to install Coach in his new home, Bill Snyder Family Stadium. We are so thankful to the entire K-State Family for choosing us to create a monument of their beloved Coach Snyder. Read more