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Bill Snyder Statue

Bill Snyder Statue - Close Up - E.S. Schubert

Bronze Maquettes of the Sculpture are available. Currently the 36 inch tall maquette is available, $6150, as well as a 17 inch tall version, $2275. Contact us for purchasing information.

The statue of K-State Football Coach Bill Snyder is the most secretive project we have ever been involved in. The entire project was kept under wraps until the day of installation, when news of it spread like wild fire. The project is also the fastest timeline we have undertaken on a heroic scale monument. All of the clay work on the full size sculpture was completed in just under 5 weeks. Only 6 months passed between the signing of the contract and the day of installation… 2 days before the football home opener.

Bill Snyder Statue - Unveiling Ceremony - E.S. Schubert

The Statue of Coach Snyder is 11.5 feet tall and weighs approximately 1800 lbs. Coach Snyder is known as the architect of the greatest turnaround in the history of NCAA sports. Under his leadership the football program at K State went from the losingest football program in the history of the NCAA, to a perennial powerhouse.