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David Lee Regan

David Lee Regan Sculpture by E.S. Schubert

Standing proudly at the Adam Laroche Family Baseball Complex in Fort Scott, Kansas, this monument pays loving tribute to David Regan, the beloved coach that started the Fort Scott High School baseball program. This is the kind of bronze statue that we love to create – a heartfelt monument to the fond memories of a local hero.

We were commissioned to create the bronze sculpture in late 2014, and it was finished and installed on the final day of the regular season, May 18th, 2015. We worked with the Regan and Laroche ​families making sure we had the glowing endorsement from each and every family member before we began the bronze casting process. Coach Regan’s son Josh said it best upon viewing the clay – “That’s him, that’s Dad.”

Read the full text of the statue’s plaque here:

​This statue commemorates the life and legacy of David Lee Regan, the longtime coach who started the Fort Scott High School baseball program in 1990. With ordinary means, Coach Regan was an extraordinary man who touched the lives of numerous students, players, and people throughout the community and beyond. He was neither wealthy nor politically influential, yet how he treated people made him larger than life. Guided by his convictions of hard work, physical and mental toughness, and faith in God, Coach Regan went about life with great enthusiasm and tenacity, challenging his students and players to “be somebody” – to take responsibility for reaching their full potential. He was a masterful motivator, with the rare ability to keep gifted athletes humble while at the same time empowering and elevating players less talented. His heart was gold, his character huge, and he loved being a Fort Scott Tiger.

Dedicated April 7th, 2015