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Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue


We created the Benedictine Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue as a strong message of unconditional love and support. College can be a tumultuous time, filled with changes and difficult decisions. The statue stands as a calming force and light of love for Benedictine students. His arms are spread wide in the beginning moments of a warm and loving embrace. The statue’s hands are the coarse, calloused hands of a carpenter, and his head is tipped down as a father would hug a child. It was our incredible honor to help bring this statue to life. The monument stands in Raven Memorial Park on the beautiful Benedictine College Campus. The park serves as a place of solace and a tribute to Benedictine classmates, students and family members lost in an untimely way.


This time lapse video shows how the sculpture came to be, from building the metal armature to the finished work in clay. Enjoy!