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William Inge

William Inge - E.S. Schubert - 2014G

The two sculptures represented on this page, Marie and Turk, are both characters from the William Inge play, “Come Back, Little Sheba”. We had the great privilege of being asked, along with 3 other notable Kansas sculptors, to each contribute a monumental sculpture grouping to be installed in Riverside Park in Independence, KS, the birthplace of William Inge.

The scene that we chose is a moment in the play when Marie, an aspiring art student, decides to draw her boyfriend, Turk, for a track and field poster. The scene takes place in the living room of Marie’s landlord, and was somewhat scandalous (in the 1950’s) owing to the fact that they aren’t married, and they are behind closed doors with Turk so scantily clad.

The figures are 110% of life-size. Turk is 6’8″