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Drill Press Speeds

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Revolutions Per Minute, Anyone?

After the post the other day about drilling holes in stone bases I realized that it might be good to go a bit further than “slow” with regard to what RPM your drill should be running if drilling through stone. So…To clarify that, the MAXIMUM speed you want to be running when drilling a 3/8 inch diameter hole is 350 RPM, and for 1/2 inch Diameter is 200 RPM. Slower is almost never a bad thing.
Most drill presses should have a chart near the belts that tell you the suggested drilling speed, and which pulleys to use, and what orientation the belts should be to achieve that speed. But, many of us use cordless drills to do much of our drilling, and it is always a better to have more info than less.

So… I did some digging and found these great resources for suggested speeds for drilling through different materials, what the speeds on a cordless drill are, as well as some bonus info on what drilling faster/slower will do to your bits. So check out these links, and if you have a better resource, share it in the comments, we would all love to check it out.

Cordless drill speeds:

These speeds are for Dewalt 18volt Cordless Drills because that’s what we use. Most other major brands like Makita or Milwaukee should be in the same ball park.
DEWALT18-Volt Drill: 0-400 and 0-1500 RPM
DEWALT 18-Volt Hammerdrill: 0-500 and 0-1700 RPM

More Speed Resources!

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