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Tutorial #1: Sculpture Boards

Welcome to the first session of the Sculptor’s Apprentice! Today’s post is about sculpture boards and bases. Whatever you call them, these are the things that you sculpt your clay on. There are lots of different ways to approach this, and this video shows you how we handle it in our studio. We would love to hear what you do, so post in the comments to share your tips with the community, and if you use our tutorial to get started, post a photo in the comments so we can be proud of you!

Below you will find the show notes with all the products that we talk about in the video.

Tutorial Resources

Some of these links are affiliate links, which means that if you buy from them, We will get a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you. If you are uncomfortable with that, just type the words into Google or Amazon. We only recommend products that we actually use.


Thanks for watching, Show us pictures of what you are working on in the comments. See you next time!

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2 Responses to “Tutorial #1: Sculpture Boards”
  1. Jeff Crowe says:

    Thanks for the first video. Anymore? I am coming to the Hello Art studio visit in October.See you then

  2. Awesome video – I appreciate seeing other peoples work environments and tools and how they work. Your sharing is greatly appreciated! Thanks~

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