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Jacob Loose Bronze, Sculpted by Rudolf Evans

Jacob Loose Bronze, Loose Park, Kansas City, Missouri

Jacob Loose Bronze By R. Evans #5There’s nothing like a chilly, post rain spring day!  So, in honor of that occasion we had a picnic in the park. Loose park to be precise. I thought I would post photos of this sculpture of Jacob Loose, by Rudolf Evans, as a way to talk about a sculpture that was done “right”. Rudolf Evans designed the Thomas Jefferson sculpture in the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C., as well as the Robert E. Lee statue in the Virginia State Capitol and the William Jennings Bryant in Statuary Hall in the Nations Capitol. Read more

Drill Press Speeds

ESSchubert Drill Press Header

Revolutions Per Minute, Anyone?

After the post the other day about drilling holes in stone bases I realized that it might be good to go a bit further than “slow” with regard to what RPM your drill should be running if drilling through stone. So…To clarify that, the MAXIMUM speed you want to be running when drilling a 3/8 inch diameter hole is 350 RPM, and for 1/2 inch Diameter is 200 RPM. Slower is almost never a bad thing. Read more

VFW Memorial by Jim Brothers

JimBrothersVFWMemorial#5I just thought I would share a few photos I took last week. This is the Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial in midtown Kansas City. It was created by Jim Brothers in the early 2000’s.

Jim and I were recently two of four sculptors who worked on the William Inge Memorial in Independence, Kansas, each completing a separate scene from Inge’s plays.

Jim had been struggling with prostate cancer for a decade or so, and soon after he finished the rough stages of his full size sculpture of William Motter Inge, he died. He had planned for that outcome, and so his student Lori Norwood finished the clay work. She did an excellent job, both capturing the essence of Jim’s style, and making choices about the sculpture that had not yet been decided. Read more