About Us

Watch the video below to see inside our studio, learn a bit about who we are and see some sculptures coming to life.

E.S. Schubert Sculpture Studios is the premiere bronze sculpture studio in the Midwest. Our passion is creating timeless bronze monuments of your heroes. The process of creating a monumental bronze sculpture is initially unfamiliar to many of our clients. We would be honored to guide you through the process, from the initial concept and idea generation, through installation and the unveiling day, when your community can take pride in what we have accomplished together.

About E. Spencer Schubert

Self Portrait, White Marble Resin, Black Marble, 2013

E. Spencer Schubert was born making things. His father likes to joke that he started it all by giving him a hammer and nail to keep him occupied while dad finished painting the garage (he was 2!).

After national recognition for his art in High School, Schubert received a rare incoming freshman scholarship to the Art Department of The University of Kansas. In the coarse, blue collar skills and craft of the KU Sculpture Department Schubert found his passion. In the nearly 20 years that have followed, E. Spencer Schubert has dedicated his daily work to mastering the human figure in bronze. (Well, there were those few years when he was a singer in a band, but other than that, TOTAL FOCUS!)

“I think Auguste Rodin said it best: I am a worker who enjoys the basest of tasks. These rough hands that now work the block also mix the plaster. I’m like those artists of the Renaissance: they were craftsmen and not fine gentlemen.

Learning how is just hard work, and that is something you can control. Get your hands dirty and think, it’s an amazing combination.”

– E. Spencer Schubert