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Public Art

The bronze sculptures represented in this gallery illustrate the quality of our commissioned public work. Each of these public monuments began with a conversation about our client’s vision. Commissioned bronze monuments are a significant undertaking, and the intricacies of the process can initially be intimidating. We bring our clients along for each step of the process. Accompanying each of the sculptures below is a satisfied client who knows exactly how we turned their vision into a bronze sculpture reality. Let’s talk about your project.

Please click on an image for full sculpture details:

Sacred Heart of Jesus StatueDavid Lee Regan Sculpture - E.S. SchubertBill Snyder Statue - E.S. SchubertWilliam Inge - E.S. Schubert - thumbnailBuck ONeil Bronze - E.S. SchubertDred Scott Sculpture - E.S. SchubertMoving the Stars - E.S. SchubertRush Limbaugh Bronze Portrait - E.S. SchubertThe Heights - E.S. SchubertTotem Head Sculpture - E.S. SchubertAvoidance #3 - E.S. Schubert - thumbnailMel Hancock Portrait - Thumbnail - E.S. SchubertBernstein Rein Commissioned Bronze - Thumbnail - E.S. Schubert